Tutoring Services Request

Tutoring Services Request

TUTORS LINKED TO CLASSES (TLC) - TLC is a variation on traditional supplemental instruction. In this model, one student tutor is paired with a high-risk course to assist the faculty member during class hours; the student tutor also hosts 2-4 office hours or study sessions each week outside of class hours. To best utilize the service, instructors should engage the tutors frequently to be active participants in lesson planning and reflection.

TUTORS ON-DEMAND: Instructors can make a request for a student tutor to attend a specific class session in order to assist with activities, study groups, or peer reviews.

ASC PROMOTION: Instructors can make a request for a professional tutor or student tutor to visit a class in order to discuss the ASC's services.

Requesting TLC: Linked tutor inquiries should be made during the final four weeks of the semester preceding the semester for which you are requesting a linked tutor.

Requesting Class Visits - Requests for class visits (i.e., Tutors On-Demand and ASC promotion) should be made at least 10 business days prior to the date of the requested service.

NOTE: No services can be guaranteed as they are dependent on the experience level, training, and availability of student tutors.